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Name :Inflatable Banana Floating Row
Item No.KZ432
Size: 180 * 95CM, children and adults can be used

Material : PVC (High-density environmentally friendly non-toxic and harmless plastic material)

Approximate weight]: 1.3KG (due to the shooting light and monitor problems, the color shall prevail in kind)

Structure : Environmental protection three-in-one gas nozzle, high negative force handle

Standard : PRC standard GB-6675, EU EN-71


Size Description:

Inflatable products are generally labeled with the size of the inflatable before, some products will also be labeled with the approximate size of the inflatable after, due to the amount of inflatable how much, different seasons, different leather elasticity will have some slight impact on the product size, please prevail in kind.

Product Features:

1. Convenient, environmentally friendly, portable, can be reused many times

2. The materials are using environmentally friendly PVC

3. The product process using high-frequency welding seam process, streamlined design, each product is strictly tested and become.

4. Beautiful and convenient: inflatable products are small in size and light in weight, and can be deflated and folded when not in use for the next use.


1. Air pump inflation, do not over or high voltage inflation

2. Inflatable can be used

3. Inflatable products (including car tires) will naturally leak, this is a normal phenomenon, a long time not to be used should be folded and placed in a flat place, without excessive friction and touch sharp objects.

4. This product can be rinsed out with tap water if it gets dirty.

Product quality:

The products will be sent through the production, post-production, before delivery and other inspections, qualified before delivery, but the nature of PVC inflatable products is special, really can not avoid the leakage breakage rate. Each product we will distribute a patch to spare, the small yellow English label is, open it is a repair subsidy, in the leakage of the place affixed to it can be used normally.