On a hot summer day, to go for a swim in the pool, or to swim at the beach, or to get out of the bathtub, men need a bath towel, a nice bath towel.

The first time debut in GX3! Lightweight and quick-drying aboriginal totem style design print with geometric pattern, super absorbent microfiber towel.

Japan Men's Beach Towels

Quick-drying “High-Function Fiber Fluff” instantly dries up excess moisture from your body. 450mL water absorption. (80*160cm test result of this product) Gentle and soft to the touch, it leaves your skin feeling pampered. Functional material that is not easy to pilling and is more durable. The large size of about 80x160cm, light and thin, portable storage. Pool, beach, gym, leisure activities and more can be easily brought along. Comes with a dedicated storage bag.

  • Finest fabric
  • Polyester 88% Nylon 12%
  • Made in China
  • Size Chart
  • FREE size 80 cm x 160cm

The size chart is based on Asian people size; it must be small for Western people.

Fashion Men’s Towels Model Show

Japan Men's Beach Towels


Japan Men's Beach Towels Japan Men's Beach Towels Japan Men's Beach Towels

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