Japanese Men Casual Wear in Summer is A SPORTS SWEAT SHORTS

What’s Japanese Men Casual Wear in Summer?

A  tshirt and A shorrs,that’s all men’s choice.

So,look this below shorts for men.

Brand:GX3 WEAR
Material: 95% cotton 5% polyurethane

The towel lining cloth is super comfortable even for sports. It feels super comfortable just like a towel gently sticking to the body. It makes you want to wear it every day, and you want to wear it after wearing it. It’s a super wearing feeling.

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A classic black and gray one color that you can choose. Minimal design with only the GX3 logo on the left side. Simple and sporty UP! Side pockets with zipper.

A fleece sweat fabric that is ideal for sports. The material feels like a towel and is soft and stretchable. Comfortable and comfortable to wear, which is a habit.

Feeling good, excellent design
Special casual wear

GX3 Japanese Model show Men’s Shorts

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