Introduction of the famous Japanese men’s underwear brand “TOOT”

The well-known Japanese men’s underwear brand “TOOT” was established in October 2000. The core design team has gathered the top underwear design experts in Japan since its establishment. The requirements for fabrics and materials are almost strict. With superb sewing technology, “TOOT” products are positioned in the Japanese men’s high-end underwear market.

For TOOT, taste is the highest pursuit. From the beginning of the designer’s pen, every work of toot is like a fresh life, beating the soul of art.
In 2001, “t-play” established the men’s underwear brand “toot”, and t-play Club spared no effort to enter the istan department store in Japan. This is undoubtedly a major decision that can test the vitality of a young brand that has just appeared in Japan’s domestic market with extremely fierce competition“ “Toot” brand not only hit the Japanese market, but also won the “national department store clothing best selling gas Award” awarded by “Textile Research Institute” in 2002.

Unlike other international brands which use the western body as the design model,TOOT is designed for Asian men’s body shape, emphasizing the natural sexuality of men.
As far as underwear is concerned, toot is used to design the prominent key parts in front of men with obvious bags. With 3D cutting and enhanced lines and colors, it creates a “strong” visual impression. In addition, for the more flat hip curve of oriental men, toot adopts the “concentrated improvement” covering design, and then with the contrast of lines and colors, it gives men a visual focus that suffocates women.
What’s more amazing is that the sharp sense of fashion and accurate tailoring techniques of the design team of toot, whether it’s the intimate underwear worn inside or the sports clothes that can be worn outside, all have the unique taste of “sexy but not obscene, fashionable but not vulgar”. It’s no wonder that toot will become the favorite underwear brand of artists, male models and other fashion people, and catch up with European and American brands in terms of word-of-mouth and sales.
In 2003, t-play moved to Ginza, Tokyo, where it has accumulated abundant industrial capital in three years. In October 2006, toot officially entered the Asian market. As the first stop of toot overseas, Taiwan has achieved remarkable sales in only one year. As a result, Singapore and Hong Kong have appeared the toot brand one after another.

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20 years of TOOT underwear Japan

Men’s underwear for 20 years. Tot celebrates its 20th anniversary on October 25, 2020. Therefore, tot titled “totto 20th anniversary year” for the year until October 25, 2021, and various projects, collaboration, fan service to commemorate the 20th anniversary of founding. I thank you for 20 years. We hope everyone will enjoy a year to celebrate. We will be releasing the latest information about totto 20th anniversary yearly at this site. Please enjoy it.

On October 25 (Saturday), we will be the first toot live concert. The plan and the collaboration commemorating the 20th anniversary were announced. The familiar model in the topic athlete and toot also appeared in the series column “SPORTSMAN’S UNDERWEAR”.


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