Breedwell Jocks new Ribbed Cotton Trade Jocks 6 colours

Breedwell jocks The race for the next best jockstrap after BIKE suspended the production of its iconic designs continues. One of the strongest and newest contenders is the Breedwell brand and one of their latest attempts to produce a new classic jockstrap is the Trade Jocks.

You can wear to the gym and to the club. Our TRADE JOCK is simple and stylish, but never basic. It features a sexy, cotton, ribbed pouch and striped leg straps. The cleverly placed logo on the waistband is the only thing that will draw their eyes away from your prize. Trust us, in this TRADE, you’re gonna get laid.

The all new Breedwell Trade jockstrap is a jock you need to try. Made to be worn at the gym and to the club, this style is simple, stylish, and far from basic. It features a cotton, ribbed pouch, a nod to the iconic BIKE jocks we mentioned earlier and striped leg straps. The straps are not the only contemporary design element though. The logo of the brand appears on the side of the garment as to leave the view to your prize unobstructive. These jocks are stylish yet very comfortable with their 95% cotton content and 5% elastane for just enough stretch in the pouch. You can find them in six colours (black, white, blue, heather grey, pink and yellow) and in five sizes .


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Below are photos of all colour ways.
Enjoy and you can get it ~


Breedwell jocks TRADE JOCK Black

Breedwell jocks TRADE JOCK Blue

Breedwell jocks TRADE JOCK Grey

Breedwell jocks TRADE JOCK Pink

Breedwell jocks TRADE JOCK White

Breedwell jocks TRADE JOCK Yellow

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