Japanese GX3 SPORTS DRY Boxers Underwear with MEGA PAD

During the latest release!
Comes with a special pocket of position stability to megapit that makes sense of mackerel!
Of course, enhance up Boxers underwear in 3 Colors.

Not too short, not too long, just the right length, the all-round charm of not picking the body shape. The glossy black waistband makes the waist area more concise and attractive.

Larger and fuller! “MEGA Pad” is attached! A special space is designed on the inside of the pouch to make it easier for you to put in the MEGA pad. Easily enjoy the self-confident charm of a man, more energetic and arrogant. Even if the pad is removed, it can be worn like ordinary plain brief, stylish and powerful.

『Quick Dry x Refresing』 The mind and body are adjusted to the best condition in GX3 collection【SPORTS DRY】

GX3 SPORTS DRY Boxers Underwear with MEGA PAD
Material :Polyester 87 % Polyurethane 13 %
Color:white, army, black

MEN how to look big in your underwear?
Try this enhance boxers.

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Japanese GX3 Underwear Models show this enhance boxers underwear with MEGA Pad
How to wear Look big underwear ?

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