Men’s Bikini 3Pack GX3 ULTRA SKIN Bikini Assorted 3 styles

GX3 Japanese Underwear new Men’s Bikini Package:Micro bikini, ultra V bikini, micro pouch bikini, popular 3 styles can be enjoyed together, great-deal assorted bikini set.

Name:GX3 ULTRA SKIN Bikini
Brand:GX3 Underwear
Material:Polyester 92% Polyurethane 8%

The pouch emphasizes the volume while firmly supporting the kokan. The underwear classic “White × Black” is a limited premium model that can only be found in this set.

A convenient special pouch bag is always attached.

The more you forget to wear it, the thinner the fit, the × the smoother the luster of the new texture.
Excellent elasticity, coloring that increases gloss, GX3 “ULTRA SKIN”


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Let’s see Male Japanese Underwear Model show these bikini for men

Micro bikini

Micro microfiber about 2cm of fine waist belt, sharp cutting pouch, hip line shaped shape, and small shape of soft texture


ultra V bikini

The ultra V bikini side side is raised to the V line of the waist, and the fit and volume further up.

micro pouch bikini

micro porch bikini bottom storage and Strap pulling effect. Super stimulating underwear that cocoon’s three-dimensional feeling comes out.

GX3 ULTRA SKIN Bikini 3 Packs

I want to try various styles! It is a popular assortment of underwear set under the popular 3 styles. Limited premium models available only in this set

It is very thin fit, swbe Bebe so that I forget the coloring × A new touch feeling glossy. Excellent stretch and coloring fabric that increases gloss.

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