Japanese Traditional Men’s Underwear is Fundoshi 褌

In Japanese 褌 ふんどし fundoshi is a kind of traditional underwear.

Among them, the most famous one is called Yuezhongfu, and the other is Liuchifu. It is believed to have been introduced to Japan from Southeast Asia and is the most common one in our film and television dramas.

During the Sengoku period and Edo period when the samurai class rose up, Etchukun became the standard of the samurai class. Looking at it now, Etchukun has become the standard equipment of the samurai and is part of the Japanese samurai uniform.

Six feet fundoshi 褌 is the oldest fundoshi 褌. The “ruler” of six feet fundoshi is approximately equal to 30 centimeters. Six feet fundoshi are usually worn during festivals or as a swimsuit. This pan is twisted behind the cloth into a strip, so the hips are exposed.Looked like a jockstrap.


Many Japanese people will celebrate at the temple, or they will wear fundoshi in public on certain naked festivals.

Or during a sumo match.


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