How Renoma PARIS COMPETTION France Men’s Sports Underwear Show ?

Let’s see a pair of men’s innerwear by Renoma Paris from France.

Brand Story:

Renoma, an international commercial brand, was founded in France in 1963. Products involving clothing, watches, glasses and so on; in France, Renoma PARIS is the main service of the royal aristocracy and stars. His design style is very bright, known by the industry as “fashion and art” pioneer. Romantic style of France, the luxury style of the classical aristocracy, and the sense of fashion and comfort are skillfully integrated, advocating “happy and fashionable “. In China, Renoma PARIS follows the high quality and romance of France, keeping pace with French fashion, and injecting more elements of life to create the perfect combination of near-light and shadow. In 1966, Maurice Renoma developed YEYE fashion in France, which made the entire French youth crazy, which was extremely popular in France and especially popular in high-level society. In the late 1970s, Mr. Renoma realized the advent of a period of rapid development of women’s clothing, and once again achieved remarkable success with his keen sense of touch and creative use of magazine propaganda. Throughout the 1970s, they led the “Gatsby “style; the famous multi-bag clamp was overcome and the market is still tight; and, in the early 1970s, the Renoma brothers established a licensing agreement to develop the Asian market, which has so far been successful in Japan, South Korea, Singapore and Malaysia.


This underwear called Renoma PARIS COMPETTION Two Sport Mini Sport microfiber
from Robinsons Singapore.


Renoma’s competition-ready Two Sport Minis boost your performance with its breathable, lightweight meshed microfibre that rapidly wicks sweat away from the skin. Feel cool all day.

Underwear Details:

Minis (2 pieces)
Grey and black
Mesh microfibre
Branded waistband

85% Mesh Microfibre
15% Spandex
Made in Paris
Machine wash

Detail Photos

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