GX3 SUPER DUPER Plant Collection Men’s Underwear Briefs

In 2020, the epidemic and the economy will make the world too difficult. So simply let the vitality of the plants move you.

GX3 SUPER DUPER Plant Men’s Underwear Briefs

Fabric:Polyester fiber 87% Spandex 13%
Color:3 different patterns

Japanese gx3 briefs

Colorful flowers, blue leaves, blue white leaves,both are popular themes of men’s fashion this year.


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It makes you feel like wandering in the resort. The cool blue and the fresh and fresh trendy colors are combined with original patterns, making the overall design more unique. It is matched with elastic belts of different colors in black and white. The meticulous design and color matching make the pattern more outstanding.

Exquisite tailoring, a super-capacity front pouch that shows masculinity, and the streamlined cut from side to back makes the line of the buttocks more perfect. The well-designed briefs are classic.

Let Japanese actor models show off photos of this sexy men’s underwear!

Japanese gx3 briefs Japanese gx3 briefs Japanese gx3 briefs

GX3 SUPER DUPER Plant Men’s Briefs Underwear Details

Japanese gx3 briefs

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