Japanese Bathrobes for Men Casual Kimono Men’s Traditional Cotton Yukata Robe

In the summer of July and August, large and small fireworks displays will be held throughout Japan, which have become an essential part of the summer in Japan.

Men and women in bathrobes, looking up at the night sky, the gorgeous fireworks and brilliant smiles, frozen into the best moments of summer.

Also, in the hot summer, sitting in a Bathrobe under the eaves of an old-fashioned Japanese house to enjoy the coolness is a traditional summer landscape in Japan. It seems that Bathrobe is an indispensable existence in all the fantasy of Japanese summer.

Bathrobe Yukata (ゆかた) is a type of kimono, which is a simplified version of kimono. Kimonos generally appear in more formal occasions, and yukatas have gradually evolved from clothing worn after bathing to those worn during summer festivals, festivals and fireworks.

Nowadays, yukatas(Bathrobe)can also be used in daily life.

GoodMenWear.com now bring you this men’s bathrobe of Japanese Style.

Japanese kimono half-wrapped yukata male Japanese style and wind wave pattern bathrobe

Japanese Casual Kimono Traditional Easy Wearing Cotton Yukata Robe for Men with Belt

Main fabric material: cotton
Collar type: V-neck
Scene: Leisure

japanese bathrobes for men

Let’s Bearman model show this Japanese robes

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