Experience Japanese sumo wrestling and have fun with them 2Hours Trip

Sumo,相扑,Japanese wrestle !

This is a rare opportunity to wrestle with retired sumo wrestlers.
2 Hours to get close to Sumo

Discover the history, training, and rules behind the typical sumo match as you watch real clashes. You can even try it yourself during a skirmish with a retired wrestler. Once you’ve worked up an appetite, dig into a tasty Chanko Nabe, a filling meal of hotpot, rice, miso, salad, French fries and more, used by these hulking fighters to gain weight.

You will learn about sumo history, manners, training, the actual match, and so on, with all explanations in English.

The experience includes*

Explanation of fundamental actions by two wrestlers (they were pro sumo wrestlers in the past)
Introduction of some techniques, including prohibited techniques
Three real matches
You can try playing Sumo with the wrestlers *Guests must wear a prepared costume.
Souvenir Photo with the wrestlers
*Demonstration contents may be changed due to circumstances.