Tokyo Rainbow Pride 2021 April Gay Tour Japan Event Schedule

Tokyo Rainbow Pride celebrates Tokyo’s LGBT community. No matter your gender or sexual orientation, anyone can enjoy the parades and events held across two days. These include a performance and booths in Yoyogi Park for LGBT-friendly businesses as well as the annual parade.

The Tokyo version is an approximately 3 km march around the Harajuku/Shibuya area. Like any good Pride parade, participants march and ride on floats while dressed in outfits as diverse as the community itself. If you’ve never celebrated Pride in Japan, here’s your annual opportunity.

Tokyo Rainbow Pride 2021 Theme
Our Voices, Our Rights.
Voice out
This isn’t just for LGBTQ people

We need the policies to change
across all gender, races, and beliefs
so that everyone can be equal
and live happy, fulfilling lives

Voice out
For our Future

One courageous voice
Can change the world

24th Apr–25th Apr, 2022

Pride Week 24th(Sat), April – 5th(Wed), May 2021
Pride Festival & Parade 24th(Sat) & 25th(Sun), April 2021

NPO organization Tokyo Rainbow Pride


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