Most Attractive Underwear for Men: What Do Women Want Men To Wear

As men, it’s a moment that we look forward to. You’ve successfully struck up a connection with a woman and forged a relationship. Now, she’s either graciously invited you back to home.

On the couch, when you chat for a while and want to go further.
She began to take off her clothes, and the boys also took off their clothes.
At this time, she stopped suddenly, you asked what was the reason, she pointed to you, and laughed: “What kind of underwear is this, ahahaha!” At this time, it is estimated that you have no sex. So, what kind of underwear do women want men to wear?

1. First choice: Briefs

Why do women like men to wear briefs? Of course, because I want you to be “larger”, and briefs are the treasures that show the majestic outline of the place of the men. Imagine that you and the weomen are intimate in the hotel. When you break through the defense line, you take off your pants. The tight briefs will exclaim the girl: Oversize? So big! The pride in men’s hearts is self-evident!

2. Boxer briefs

After entering puberty, most boys prefer boxers because “it can give me more care”. This is true, but you are now an adult. You will no longer be shy because of the physical training class, and you will not be shy because of the long and strong part. Why should you wrap it up? Do you know the urgent mood that girls want to see your briefs through their pants?

3. Thong

If you don’t have all the muscles, handsome face and sexy buttocks, otherwise you should never wear thongs. Otherwise, the girl looking at the same thong that you wear with her will be considered a psychopath or have other hobbies.

4. Colored underwear

Few boys can always keep their underwear clean, not to mention the white underwear, which is often stained with a variety of colors (men and women, you know), so try not to wear white underwear. If you wear white, you have to change it frequently and keep it clean. Therefore, most men wear dark underwear such as black, gray, and blue.

5. Fitted underwear

fit. If the size is small, it will definitely be uncomfortable to wear. You know better than anyone what is uncomfortable. If the underwear size is large, you may not feel uncomfortable, but the girl looks uncomfortable because of side leakage! And if your underwear is too loose, it will deprive the girl of visual enjoyment-so ugly, no sex!

When you are wearing slim underwear, naked upper body, showing eight abdominal muscles walking up and down in front of the girl, the girl will definitely take the initiative!


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