How to Find Men’s Perfect Fit Underwear TIPS

Hello everyone, today we share the theme of intimate underwear closely related to men’s health, and share with you some durable and easy-to-wear underwear! And share common sense~
Many boys don’t pay much attention to the selection of underwear. They think that if they can’t see inside, they are easy to be ignored, but the small problems often ignored are easy to affect their health.

Boxers underwear is designed to match suit pants. This kind of underwear moves down, which can keep the smooth hip line behind the outer pants. It is especially suitable for men wearing thin outer pants, so as to avoid the embarrassment of concave hips and appearance of underwear. At the same time, this kind of flat mouth underwear is suitable for some sports. It can protect the muscles of the upper leg.

The color of underwear should also be treated with caution

Men may prefer dark underwear, but they neglect that the color is actually dyed by dyes. Dyes are a hodgepodge of a variety of chemicals, which contain some toxicity. As for too white underwear, there may be some hidden dangers due to excessive bleaching. People with sensitive skin should also pay special attention to avoid the risk of becoming associated with allergies because of underwear.

Underwear maintenance

1. Underwear should be cleaned immediately after each wear, even if only for one night. It is recommended that you change your underwear every day, especially in summer
2. When cleaning, it should be separated from the outer clothes and trousers. Try to use professional detergent instead of sharing it with others
3. After washing, do not directly expose to the sun. First dry in a cool place, and then disinfect in the sun. Otherwise, some underwear materials will be easy to harden and deform, affecting the service life.
4. Underwear is best placed separately. You can buy some special storage bags, or put them in clean plastic bags, so as to avoid being stained with dust and bacteria and affect your health.


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