Look GOOD Gym Underwear for Men TOOT V-SHAPE NANO BOXERS

Underwear for fitness?Make your muscles look better?

These NANO boxer sport a bold V-design on the front and hips with vivid two-tone color. The V-design accentuates the toughness of the wearer’s upper half of the body and the simplicity and sharpness of his lower half. Made from a nylon stretch fabric with superb elasticity. A sewing by the flat-seamer to sew up these two different color fabrics give it a pleasant smooth feel on skin, and a fit that improves every time you wear it.

The three-dimensional bag and hip bold V-joint color matching bring you the impact of nano four corners. It can enhance your body-building through the visual effect of V-shape. Nylon material with high elasticity is used, and flat four needle sewing can be used for splicing part to reduce friction and discomfort with skin.

Made in JAPAN
Nylon 71%/ Polyurethane 29%
(Waist band)
Polyester 78%/ Nylon 12%/ Polyurethane 10%
Polyester 78%/ Nylon 11%/ Polyurethane 10%/ Rayon 1%
color:2colors  blue / navy

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TOOT V-SHAPE NANO underwear boxers for men model shows

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TOOT V-SHAPE NANO underwear boxers for men details

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