The “TOOT MIDDLE COTTON BOXER” is a new style of boxer shorts that is distinctly different from the low-rise boxers that are the essence of TOOT’s underwear.

Made in Japan
92% cotton, 8% polyurethane
Waist elastic
92% nylon/8% polyurethane
Navy / Wine / Black / Dark gray / Dark green

Design & Function
For those who have not tried TOOT because of the shallow rise of low-rise pants, a new mid-rise version has been added to TOOT’s standard BASIC line.
Inheriting the overwhelming comfort of the ReNEW series, this product has an optimal rise that is not too shallow and looks stylish.
In addition, the TOOT logo that used to be woven into the elastic waistband has been dared not to be adopted, and a solid look has been created to create an ultimately simple product that can be easily matched with various styling options.
The TOOT underwear can be worn in the changing rooms of gyms and saunas without worrying about attracting attention.
The initial color range includes five easy-to-use colors.

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Please use a net when washing.
We recommend washing with a neutral detergent that does not contain fluorescent bleach.
Dark-colored products may fade in color, so we recommend washing alone.
After dehydration, shape the garment and hang dry in the shade immediately. Please avoid wearing or leaving the garment wet for long periods of time.
*Please handle with care as prolonged exposure to direct sunlight may cause discoloration or loss of original color.
Please avoid tumbler drying.

Model wearing TOOT MIDDLE COTTON BOXER display

Model wearing size: L (height 180cm/weight 70kg/hip 91cm)
(Height 180cm / Weight 70kg / Hip 91cm)

We recommend that you choose based on the hip measurement, as the fit around the hips is more important than the waist, which determines how comfortable the garment will be.

It is also comfortable to wear Boxers shorts for daily wear. It can be used as daily wear.