Chinese Gay Porn Star 王瀚Lucio WangHan Brief Story

Wang Han, the first Chinese mainland to go to Japan to shoot gay films, still enjoys his work today.

About Wang Han 王瀚Lucio

Wang Han Lucio;  Born in 1982;  Height 178cm;  Weight 72kg;  Type B Sagittarius.

Chinese muscle man

Japanese gay porn videos G@mes《筋流~ 筋肉漢が満載!》(2012)wild games

Recording gay movies is a wonderful experience

Speaking of going to Japan to record gay movies, it was in 2012, when a friend suddenly asked him if he wanted to try it. The film itself is curious, well-paid, and can be legally distributed in Japan, so Wang Han did not refuse.

“There’s nothing wrong with fixing your best side in the image at the right age.” Wang Han smiled and said that he did not hide it, as if to say “this cake is delicious.” But Wang Han didn’t take his friend’s words too seriously, and just three months after he was about to forget about it, he received an invitation.

In April 2012, Wang Han came to Japan. Before recording, I spoke to the film and expressed my desire to take on the role of BOTTOM. “I’m not BOTTOM, but in a situation like this, it’s really hard for me to get an erection. Only in a private space, without a third party, can I really enjoy that kind of joy. ”


What is the process of making a film?

What you see is actually multiple shots clipped together. Stop to communicate before changing position during shooting, and then shoot. I even drink water and smoke halfway through, which you can’t see, haha.

Enjoy being GOGOBOY?

At first quite can not let go, and then slowly bold will be big, just a simple performance and interaction, at least for me. But now there will be friends who say how you’re so shy on stage. One day old, but if you will still be invited, people still like to see, I will still go to jump. Why is good meat hiding? I understand… Ha.

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