What Kind of Men’s Underwear Should I Wear? 8 Styles Show

May some men will ask What Kind of Underwear Should I Wear?

Should I buy briefs, or should I buy boxers? Should I choose to wear trunks, or should I wear jocks? Which type of underwear will look good on me? From the classic-full rise briefs to men’s thongs and bikini underwear, this post is every man’s guide to buying the right kind of underwear and avoiding a faux pas in front of girlfriends and wives in the bedroom, and mates in the locker room.

1.Themed underwear

As long as you like it, it is the first choice.

Themed underwear is men’s innerwear that features prints of some of the most famous TV, cartoon, movie, and comic book characters. There are many options, including underwear with prints of Superman logo, Spider-Man webs, Mickey Mouse, Transformers, and Simpsons characters, among others.

Themed underwear comes in various shapes, sizes, colors, patterns, and prints. It is just not the geeks and the nerds who have a fancy for themed underwear. Couples who want to bring some fun and excitement in the bedroom also buy themed underwear.

2. Low-Rise Briefs

Low-rise briefs are possibly the most popular and commonly worn underwear by men. This type of underwear is a slightly cropped version of the full rise Y-front briefs, which cover a larger area.

Low-rise briefs by popular brands, including Jockey, Hanes, Tommy Hilfiger, and Dockers come in various designs, colors, and pouch sizes.

Low-rise briefs are the most common pair of men’s underwear, which is why they are universally liked. Men of all body types can wear low-rise briefs without risking a faux pas. They won’t look too out of place, even on guys who have a bulging tummy or guys who are extremely skinny.

3. Full-Rise Briefs

Full-rise briefs are a classic men’s underwear and extend to cover an area much larger than that covered by low-rise briefs. Full-rise briefs extend from the waist area right to the end of the buttocks while enveloping the sides with a Y-shape that is less prominent than smaller underwear.

Full-rise briefs are bigger than their low-rise counterparts but smaller than a boxer brief, which covers a portion of the thigh too.

Similar to low-rise briefs, full-rise briefs are popularly accepted as a type of underwear that will look good on most body types. Men who are obese or too skinny should avoid this type of underwear and opt for boxers if they find themselves less comfortable and confident.
Full-rise briefs attracted mass popularity a couple of decades back, but they are considered less trendy from a style perspective now. Teenagers and guys in their 20s should ideally avoid this style of underwear if they want to be trendy and not made fun of while stripping down to their underwear in the boys’ locker rooms. Married men may prefer to wear full-rise briefs as underwear because they are typically perceived to be more comfortable than other options.

4. Boxer Shorts

Boxer shorts are known to have received mainstream acceptance as underwear for men post-1950s. They are similar to shorts, except they are generally made from cotton and have an elastic at the waist.

Boxer shorts are a popular choice because they are a very comfortable type of underwear for men. They are available in various colors and patterns.

Apart from being one of the trendiest types of underwear for men of all ages, boxer shorts are also a perfect choice for any guy who has body image issues. This underwear will suit guys with a skinny body frame as well as guys with a heavy body frame. Boxer shorts will help men who find themselves embarrassed to strip down to their underwear in front of others in changing rooms or at the beach.

Boxer shorts are trendy and universal. They are a must-have any guy’s underwear drawer. Professionals and guys who wear business clothes every day should avoid boxer shorts as underwear during the day because the crease of the excess material may show from the outside of formal pants.

Guys who are into sports, athletics, or other activities that require a lot of movement should avoid wearing boxer shorts as underwear because they don’t provide a pouch, support, or any form of compression.


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5. Boxer Briefs

Boxer briefs are like boxer shorts except that they fit tightly like normal briefs. This underwear starts from the waist and at least covers more than half of the thigh. Along with jocks, boxer briefs are a popular pick among guys who are athletes or are into working out.

Depending on the brand, boxer briefs commonly have a pouch at the front for support and have strategically placed seams to stop them from riding up or gathering up at one place during movement.

Boxer briefs are unlikely to suit guys with very skinny legs because the underwear may sag around the thigh area. Guys who are obese may also want to avoid potentially embarrassing bulges at the wrong places because boxer briefs cover a large part of the body. It is a perfect fit for men with athletic body types.

Boxer briefs are a must in every fitness crazy man’s underwear drawer.


6. Trunks

Trunks are seen as a hybrid between briefs and boxer briefs. They are shaped similar to boxer briefs, except their legs are shorter. They should not be confused with swim trunks.

Trunks as underwear score high from a utility perspective. They are comfortable and provide a lot of support at the same time. They are great for guys who are active, traveling a lot, or always on the run.

Unlike boxer briefs, jockstraps, and low-rise briefs, trunks don’t look too shabby, even on men with larger bodies. Trunks will look good on most men, including guys with slightly thin bodies who may be avoiding boxer briefs from the fear of being conscious about highlighting their skinny legs.

Trunks are trendy and are a good alternative to boxers if you are fond of wearing low rise denim. If you wear your pants from your bottoms, trunks are a good underwear choice for you.

Trunks look really good in black and white. Men who like to be style conscious, even with their underwear, can buy trunks, which have a contrasting element against the black color of the fabric. For example, black trunks with a red elastic band look sexy.

7. Jockstrap or Men’s Bikini Underwear

Jocks, also known as men’s bikini underwear, are the type of underwear models are often pictured wearing on ramps and billboards. A jock’s design exposes more thigh and provides the bare minimum coverage on the front. It is like normal brief underwear at the back.

Jocks were originally known to be made as an accessory for guys participating in sports or athletics to provide extra support. However, they have become a popular underwear choice as more men found a liking to jocks and bikini underwear as a daily wear option.

Jocks or bikini underwear are designed in a way that they show more skin, leading to a common perception that only men with the best of bodies should ideally be wearing them.
Jocks are not the type of underwear that can be carried off by any guy. Only a man with truck-loads of confidence and attitude is likely to carry them off with style.

Wearing bikini underwear in everyday life is all about making a style statement, so bright colors and peppy design look cool.
Jocks  for guys who have the slightest of doubts that they can’t carry it off. It can be the cause of low confidence if a guy has stripped down to his jocks in front of a girl.

8. Thongs

A thong is a type of underwear which provides bikini-like coverage at the front but only has a thin strip of cloth at the back, leaving the buttocks exposed.

Thongs have not received mainstream popularity with men. Most guys like to avoid wearing a thong as a day to day underwear. Thongs are generally associated with a type of bikini or underwear women wear. There continues to be a social stigma attached to the concept of men wearing thongs.

There is really no benchmark when men wear thong underwear. It is a personal preference, and anyone can wear it.

Thongs are an eccentric type of underwear for men. Guys who wish to try a thong really have no limits with color, fabric, or style.

So 8 styles of Men’s underwear ,which one is your favourite?

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