British Men’s Underwear and Swimwear brand Bum-Chums Story

Do you konw British brand Bum-Chums ?

Bum-chums was created from an absolute and total desire to make underwear more sexy and better fitting for gay men. Bum-chums wanted to make cheeky little fun numbers, to show off with design skills but still ensure we make them to the best quality Bum-chums can.


Craig (who make the bum-chums) here still makes the majority of the pants here and loves to hear back from people about their thoughts and feedback about our pants. bum-chums‘ small factory here at Brief-Towers is always a hub of activity, crafting well-made garments, packing men’s underwear and showing the world that Britain is still on the map…

Simple; Underwear… Because, let’s face it fellas, our bums take a right battering… It’s true, really…

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ake a moment from your hectic life and grab a cuppa in your nearest coffee shop or a beer or glass of wine at your favourite wine bar and park that neglected derriere on a comfy seat!

We hardly give bums a second thought, we sit on them, fall on them, burn them, scratch them, scrape them, smack them, bite them (if you’re lucky) and wipe them, the list of abuses is endless. Yet that faithful “rear bundle” hardly ever complains and follows us about obediently wherever we go; always playing catch-up.

So, isn’t it about time we gave our bums a bit of spit and polish and a damn good buffing?!

After all… it helps us stand up straight and walk, it takes the pain when we fall and it offers a satisfying outlet and (for some) inlet!


That’s why we created Bum Chums; to enhance, relieve, and indulge those long-suffering peachy, pert posteriors and give them the recognition they deserve. After all…. just like people, bums need chums!

This bum-chums brand briefs story. will show you more bum-chums sexy underwear.

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