How do Men Protect Testicular Keep Balls Healthy ?

“Balls” are important to Men!
The role of the testes in the male reproductive system is very important. The testes are the place where sperm is produced. The testes are also a very vulnerable organ for men. If the male testis is abnormal, it will affect the male fertility, so male friends usually pay attention to their health .
So do you know how to protect the testicles? Keep your testicles healthy!

4 Ways to protect the testicles

1. a cold water bath
The cold water bath can be said to be a major method of protecting the testicles. This method has been passed down from ancient times to the present, and its function is very powerful. Before going to bed every night, first rinse the testicles with cold water to make the temperature of the testicles lower, and each time brew with cold water for 3 minutes, then rest for 3 minutes, 3 consecutive times. Doing so can promote the blood circulation of the testis, so that the testis can absorb fresh blood.

2. Massage the testicles
Massage the testicles is also an effective method of caring for the testicles. Before going to bed every day, rub the heat with your hands first, and then gently massage the testicles until the testicles appear sore, so that it can not only promote the blood circulation of the testicles, but also check the testicles for disease, if it occurs, you can timely For treatment.

3. Timely treatment of testicular diseases
When the testicles become ill, the testicles need to be treated in time, so that the testicles will not be poisoned by the disease all the time, thereby making the testicular disease worse. This is also quite troublesome in the later stage of treatment.

4. Eat more fruits and vegetables
Vegetables and fruits contain a lot of nutrients, and these fruits and vegetables contain a lot of nutrients, which can supplement the substances needed by the testes, so as to prevent the testes from being harmed by diseases and protect the health of the testes.

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