Japanese Gay Porn Star Hikaru x Nagi Brief Story

This time to introduce these, I believe you are no stranger, familiar face is to COAT WEST’s popular gay porn movie star, before the Masaki Koh has not appeared, almost can be said to be the world of these boys, HAS ALWAYS BEEN COAT HAS THE CALCIUM FILM INDUSTRY’S JANICE SAID. It’s all from the Smart7 series of Hikaru (光) debut after the broad welcome, the company hit the iron while hot as a couple of these two Hikaru and Nagy packaging!

Gay actor Hikaru

(Hikaru was this one, and it was popular at the time)


COAT is actually a distribution of CLUB CK, which represents “COAT” and another company, KARATATSU. COAT mainly focuses on young people in the U.S. and sports departments, and many of them are straight men, COAT the company is divided into two shooting teams, one in Tokyo for the BASE OF COAT, the other is Osaka’s COAT WEST.

(Nagi on the left is bottom and Hikaru on the right is made a couple)

COAT WEST BRANCH SAW THIS WAY, WITH THE THEN POPULAR JANICE IDOL MODEL TO CREATE THEIR OWN ACTORS, THE PURPOSE IS TO MAKE THE gay FILM INDUSTRY . Finally, as everyone remembers, COAT’s output and wonderfulness really overturned the past record of gay movie , successfully attracted a lot of corrupt women and gay fans!

COAT WEST also launched their solo series OSS only shining star, which is like creating a personal album in the same package, deep into every actor.

(Hikaru right, Sho, left Nagi)

Name: Hikaru (light)
Blood type: A
Nickname: Fox
Height: 175cm Weight: 60kg
Birthday: January 23, 1986
In addition to Hikaru Nagi, Sho is also a signature of COAT, and the three men’s collaborations are very popular, but because they are so popular, especially when Nagi and Sho are doing it, the company later changed its strategy to celebrate the couple. Sure enough, the pairing was clearly reflected in the sales figures.


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