Japanese Gay Porn Star 五十嵐 裕也 Hiroya Brief Story

Famous Japanese gay viedo actor, 五十嵐 裕也 Hiroya

Height: 166
Weight: 63
Size: 17cm

All round sports actor
The main film company is Trance video.

Every day he remembers his body in JIM, and his character in the body remodeling is friendly
I talk with anyone without strangers.
I am good at experience with massage, but I think that I can spend a lot of hours of satisfaction about play.
In addition, you correspond to course course and relaxation course.

Self PR from 五十嵐 裕也
How do you do? Hello!
I’ve been doing massage in the past
It becomes oil massage that is very tight.
I am glad if I can relax and relax!
I like to play the course of the attack and attack
I want you to teach if you want to do it!
Basically everything is okay.
When I do it, I think that it is good to be erotic.
Of course, I like to play and play.
From now on, please!

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