It is the first time that the enterprise plan of the 20th anniversary year is re engraved. In the past 20 years, the decision of “toot” to “vote” has been repeated! The number of votes cast was 1288.

PUPPY BOXER (THE REVIVAL VERSION)  products made in September 2013 has 124 votes NO.3

This boxer brief is designed with a cute look like a mascot character in simple colors. Its material utilized is a cotton stretch fabric with improved ventilation and fit, while emphasizing comfort and the wearer’s silhouette. You can enjoy a delightful design and a color variation with this product.

Made in JAPAN
Cotton 92%/ Polyurethane 8%
(Waist band)
beige:Polyester 78%/ Nylon 12%/ Polyurethane 10%
yellow, aqua:Polyester 74%/ Nylon 11%/ Polyurethane 9%/ Cotton 6%
Color:Beige(Gray) /  yellow  / Aqua

*Use laundry net when machine-wash.
*Use mild laundry detergent which does not contain fluorescent brightening agent.
*As dark-colored products might lose its color, we recommend to wash it by itself.
*Please fix a shape of the products and dry them out of direct sunlight after a removal of water.
*As changes in color and losses of color might be happen, please be careful with strong direct sunlight.
*Do not tumble dry.
*As delicate materials are used for the products, please be careful with frictions and clawing.

Cute PUPPY boxer for men pants with pop design and coloring. It designed cotton stretch material with breathability and fit, and designed not only for comfort but also for silhouette. Enjoy design and colorful color variations that make you smile.

The series “puppy boxer series” which is popular with cute design is beautiful reprinted! ” From “puppy boxer”, yellow and aqua decided from “crayons puppy boxer” We had many memories episodes in the puppy boxer series. So many memories will be created from now on!

Comments from voters

At the time of release, I can’t say that I bought pants for four to five thousand yen for my students and my parents. If you miss this opportunity, I think you can’t get nearly 100%, so I want you to check it out! Let’s make a dream from the time of a student who gets a puppy boxer!

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PUPPY BOXER Model Shows from TOOT Japan

PUPPY BOXER Back photos Model Shows from TOOT Japan

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