Japanese Gay Porn Star 真田悠斗 Yuto Sanada Brief Story

Famous Japanese gay viedo actor, Yuto Sanada 真田悠斗
真田悠斗 Sanada Yuto Information: さなだ ゆうと(Japanese name) sanada yu-to
Height 175cm Weight 70kg
He was 23 years old at the time of filming (born in 1985)
Participating works: male body undress, etc.

Sanada Yuto can be called a super handsome model in the Gay Porn Video world, man enough. Sanada Yuto is actually a straight man. At the end of 2008, a straight man Yuto-kun turned out to be accompanied by “male body undress”. Now every time I recall the innocent big boy in the film, with an innocent expression, he is led step by step to the path of GV by the evil staff. But he also gained a lot of fans. Because this little brother is handsome and beautiful, he was still a straight man and was bent, which inspired countless wolf friends to erupt adrenal hormones.
“He is a good young man with pure and good conduct.” The photographer said in his diary. Sanada Yuto’s slightly shy expression and his straight male identity made him escape from the stereotyped image of a general GV male star, and made him in the limelight for a while. It’s a pity that the good times didn’t last long, and Yuto-kun, who had no intentions there, chose to leave in the end. Old rules, you must leave a great work before you leave, so I saw a picture of a tough guy being SM…

Sanada Yuto’s final gay video “EXTRA LEGEND”

Fortunately, Sanada Yuto finally left, looking for the life he wanted, and blessing him.

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