Japanese Gay Porn Star 冲修斗 Shin Brief Story

Japan is one of the most developed countries in the world
The annual production of gay video is nearly 1000
On average, 3 works are produced every day
From coat in early years to trance in recent years
Every gay man or corrupt girl will leave several beloved works on the hard disk
Every year to participate in GV (gay viedo)for life or interest
There are countless Japanese people
But there are very few that can really make a deep impression
trance, find out gay G-spot
Many wonderful works have been produced in one breath
And plain people who play in his trance video’s works
It has also become the object of discussion among gay

冲修斗 Shin
He wearing black framed glasses
He often fight in suits and shoes
It’s a standard dish:
Drooping eyes, bearded, just right body
He became a gay men lover
This issue invites him to talk about his story

冲修斗 Shin photos

Screenshots of 冲修斗‘s films

Q: We all know you through a series of works you shot at trance’s video. How did you want to shoot Gay Video in the first place?
A: Because trance has an actor I like very much and I want to play with him, so I went to interview trance.
Q: Is “Chong Xiu Dou冲修斗” your stage name or your real name?
A: It’s a stage name. After considering it with trance’s staff, I named it “Chong Xiu Dou冲修斗”.
Q: What materials do you need to provide when interviewing trance?
A: There is no special material, just a simple self introduction and some nude photos, as well as photos of wearing underwear.
Q: Is it hard to shoot? I’ve heard that shooting a 20 minute film takes from morning to night?
A: It’s not that long, about 2-3 hours a movie.

Q: Which one do you like best among the plain people you have worked with?
A: I like Hiroya best. It’s a lovely face. I love it.
Q: Many people who have shot GV Gay Video will become gogoboy. Do you want to be gogoboy?
A: I’m not going to be gogoboy because I’m not in such a good shape.

Q: Where is your hometown in Japan?
A: Okinawa, south of Japan!

冲修斗 Shin photos

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