Takuya Nakamura Japanese Male models Sexy Photo Collections

Japanese male models Takuya Nakamura take sexy photo collections

Taiwan’s well-known men’s photography studio, Yi People Photography, photographed a group of reality shoots for a male underwear brand. This set of reality shows male models changed the style of the past, the whole reality blockbuster revealed the texture of mature quality men. It turned out to be Takuya Nakamura of TOP1, an invitation to the Japanese male model list, Chinese named 中村拓耶(Japanese named 中村琢耶)

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Takuya Nakamura  He looked deep and sexy but did not do, very confident and professional, so that the shooting process is very smooth and very enjoyable.

is Takuya Nakamura gay?We dont care and  charged,just like him.

The proud height of 184cm is destined to make him a walking hanger.

He is not only a serious workaholic, but also a sunny super-big boy in private. Like selfies, like travel, like food, like fitness.

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