Japanese Gay Porn Star 中田翔矢 Nakata Shoya Actor Brief

Looking for Gay film actor from Japan?

People and animals have seen the value of their hearts, I believe everyone must like it, and have seen many of his film and videos. But the foundation that laid him popular is: the library series.

There are also hospital series:

At the time, although Nakata Shoya had a beard, he still revealed a tenderness. In short, many movie plots are very exciting, many role-playing.

  The quality of Trance (Japan Gay Video Film Company) is too high, and the library series makes everyone remember Nakata Shoya. The small stubble, the inch, made him quickly gain popularity in the three parts of Trance. Not only the library series, his massage shop series, Body Battle, and Escape are all good videos.

中田翔矢 Nakata Shoya life photos

He has leaved the Gay film shooting, I hope you will continue to like him.

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