Japanese Gay Porn Star 天笠修 Osamu Amagasa Q&A about his Video Course

Japanese Gay Porn Star Osamu Amagasa is well-known in the industry, puppy eyes, cute face, coupled with a solid figure, dark complexion, an appearance immediately won the hearts of many fans. Osamu Amagasa is also popular in the Asian Chinese gay circle, and each of his videos will trigger a high degree of discussion and charisma.

GagaTai,(A Taiwanese gay website) also visited the beloved male star.


Q: How did i get into the Gay-film industry in the first place?

Osamu Amagasa: I met the G-stars when I was 19 and thought they wouldn’t be on TV, so I said yes without hesitation. When I first entered the line, I had a lot of conditions, and i was delayed for five hours on my first shot because I was so nervous that I couldn’t get out.

Q: Does this job affect your private life?

Osamu Amagasa: At first it didn’t really matter, but then i found out by my friend, and I felt very regretful. But I slowly adjusted and concentrated on the shoot, and now it’s a good memory. I was single when I was making G, so I wouldn’t have a boyfriend’s problem.


Q: Do you prefer to be 1(TOP) or 0(Bottom) when you shoot?

Osamu Amagasa: To choose, I prefer to be number 1, because the position is more variable.

Q: What impressed you most about the G filming experience?

Osamu Amagasa: Well, I have a memory of the filming experience is in my line a year and a half, in COAT company, the film shot more than 12 hours, which I was impressed.


Q: Your show is very professional, how do you prepare before filming?

Osamu Amagasa: Nothing else, that is, the night before to sleep well, for the next day to do a good job of preparation.

Q: Which G star do you like best to work with? Is there the most exciting experience?

Osamu Amagasa: I don’t like a particular G star, but I appreciate Jinsaki, because he is very good and very professional in acting. I don’t have the most exciting experience at the moment, but I’d rather experience it.


Q: What kind of people attract you in real life?

Osamu Amagasa: Gentle and positive people attract me in particular, I also like Taiwanese-type boys.


Q: What are your special sexual habits in real life? If someone wants to try, what advice would you give him?

Osamu Amagasa: I love this, but I don’t know if I can give advice, I think the best thing is to take good care of the atmosphere before, have a good communication with each other.


Q: Do you have any tricks in bed? How do you make your partner happy?

Osamu Amagasa: Ask the other person directly about the question, which is a way to make the other person happy. I think it’s better to be honest with each other than to worry about each other, so that they can be comfortable with each other.

Q: If you leave the G film business, what are you going to do?

Osamu Amagasa: I haven’t thought about the next step, I’m just thinking about what I can do in Japan and I want to work overseas. I won’t go back to the adult film industry in the future, but I’ll still do it. I’ve also shot the Taiwanese magazine HIGH Hi, and you can follow my social account at any time.


Q: I heard you love singing, have you ever thought about becoming a singer?

Osamu Amagasa: I love singing, but I didn’t want to be a singer, because I have no confidence.


Q: You have visited Taiwan many times and what do you think of Taiwanese boys?

Osamu Amagasa: Taiwanese men really attract me, if you want to be a good lover, you must learn more Taiwanese boys. Taiwanese are very kind and charming.

Q: What do you want to say to Your Fans in Taiwan?

Osamu Amagasa: I want to say to my fans, thank you as my fans, thank you for your support, I love Taiwan.


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